Our activities cover three key areas: Higher Education, Applied Research and Innovation Development, and Expert Consulting Services


Higher Education

With a goal to become a leading higher education provider, FHI has started with some partnership based education and training activities. Activities now underway include:

a) Collaborative PhD and higher degree by research in partnership with various Universities outside Nepal;

b) Himalayan Field School on Environment, Culture and Society (HeemSchool) in partnership with Australia based Institute for Studies and Development Worldwide (IFSD);

c) Himalayan Field Day for School and undergraduate students in Nepal;

d) Apprenticeship on agro-entrepreneurship and community development;

e) Academic writing training workshop;

f) PhD Student Forum.

In addition, we also provide a range of educational services to Colleges and Universities, drawing on our collaboration with Australia based Institute for Studies and Development Worldwide (IFSD).

Applied Research and Innovation Development

Our research generates important inisghts and evidence on the challenges facing the Himalayas. We take interdisciplinary and action oriented approach to generate problem solving knowledge. We have five priority themes for research:

a) Community and the environment;

b) Entrepreneurship and economic innovation;

c) Environmental governance;

d) Gender and social inclusion;

e) Vulnerability and adaptation.

FHI is committed to act as knowledge broker to catalyse innovation around targeted problem areas or opportunities. We work with partners and communities to define problems, locate opportunities and experiment solutions, with twin goals of making an impact and at the same time generating lessons on how we can bring about changes in the system and human behaviors. At FHI we bring proven experiences and technologies of organisational change in the context of the Himalayas. Currently, our innovation development works include community forestry, agriculture and community development, professional skills development, and so on.

Expert Consulting Services

FHI has a pool of experts who bring practical, experiential and conceptual knowledge to provide you specific services you need. We can design a research, analyse policy issues, tackle management challenges, team building workshops, program management and evaluation, educational quality systems development and so on.

Whether you are a government, NGO or a private organisation, you must act strategically to plan your future. As the context of your organisation is chaining fast posing new challenges to your organisation, your success depend on quickly and strategically you respond to unfolding opportunities and challenges. FHI offers you technical analysis and coaching services to help you succeed.